Who we are

Archbridge Capital is an investment management and advisory firm founded in 2009 that has pursued a single and consistent mission: to help our clients achieve superior returns over the business cycle, while upholding our primary values of integrity, discipline and focus. Our cumulative 100+ years of experience in financial markets allows us to stay objective and evaluate extreme situations strategically. Together we assist our clients to navigate the financial markets successfully.

Through research, technology, know-how and experience we fuse Macro, Micro and Relative Value into one profitable process that has outperformed global Macro peers since inception. Delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns which are uncorrelated to other asset classes or portfolios makes the strategy a strong diversifier, complementary to classical portfolio constructs.

We offer transparency, safety and choice to our clients and maximise investor comfort through our liquidity, reporting and infrastructure. A strong focus on risk management and capital preservation completes our offering.

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What sets us apart

We have a unique approach to Macro investing and analysis which utilises systematic and discretionary trading strategies with clearly identifiable and repeatable processes. We are essentially collectors. We identify repeatable ‘edges’ and take advantage of predictable market occurrences or anomalies in differing time scales via both systematic and discretionary processes. Our ‘edges’ can be classified as Macro, RV and Opportunity driven (MOR) which together deliver uncorrelated alpha with controlled volatility across a wide range of market conditions.

Within each of our strategies we differentiate between tactical and strategic positions which differ not only in time scales but also in their underlying drivers. This adds another layer of diversification insulating our returns from longer cyristalisaton periods. We continuously isolate repeatable edges conducive to systematic or discretionary trading and integrate them into our portfolio of winning strategies.

We focus on highly liquid instruments in all major asset classes across the globe, with over 50 instruments ranging from equities and bonds to commodities and currencies.

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Principal Office
Alpenstrasse 15 6304 Zug, Switzerland
Principal Office
Hofstrasse 1, 6308 Lucerne, Switzerland
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